Van den Berg Wedding
20 April 2019

Farm weddings are becoming our new favourite vibe! For this wedding we took the scenic route up to Dundee to spend the day with Hanno and Stacey. We were pretty stoked about the boho style altar, and the old stone dairy-turned-reception venue! Stacey and Hanno couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and the passion was just on fire from the moment they were made husband and wife!

This wedding in Dundee was our second in the outer lying areas of KZN in just two weeks, so we felt like we were really getting to know the area well by the end of this weekend! On our way back from the first wedding in Newcastle, we popped in at Avoca Farm to have a quick scout(those couples wanting to know if we look at the venue before your wedding day, the answer is YES! I always make sure I have a clear vision in my mind so the creative shoot stays as close to an hour as possible, we don’t want to keep guests waiting!). After being shown around the venue and seeing what it had to offer, we were so eager to shoot there!

You know, weddings can be very stressful. You want everything to go to plan, you want all the family to get along, you want your suit to fit snuggly but not THAT snuggly, you want your guests to be happy, you want the canapes to be served at the right time, the speeches mustn’t be too long(or inappropriate!), your first dance must be perfect and the music must be good. These are just a few things that bridal couples worry about. Weddings to me, are perfectly imperfect. No wedding is the same as the other. Stacey and Hanno probably had all the above worries in their minds, but when it came time to get married everything just feel into place. All the worrying and stress seems superfluous when you’re standing at the alter, hand in hand, marrying the love of your life.

A few raindrops landed on us during the family shoot, there was some thunder, but the rain stayed away and we were given the best golden sunset ever! A day after this wedding, KZN was hit with torrential rainfall causing major flooding especially along the coast. I mean, what a memorable weekend?! And how lucky were we that we just missed it!

Our couple enjoyed their day, like it really was the best day of their lives! It was a hoot to be a part of this day and one we will remember for a long time!

Venue: AVOCA Farm
Decor, catering and flowers: Guinea Fowl Coffee Shop
Wedding Cake: Serendipity Gourmet Treats
DJ: Sound Ninja
Videographer: Carly Louw