Torlage Wedding
2 February 2019

Jodie and Caelim: this couple, this incredible little family, there’s just so much to write about these lovely people and their special day. We met these two at Sagewoods and they brought this precious little boy with them to our meeting. Cade- what a sweet boy. He was full of energy at our meeting, wanting to play and eat biscuits and be in Caelim’s arms all at the same time! What a fun family! We decided that we would rather do a family shoot instead of an engagement shoot for Caelim and Jodie so that little Cade could be a part of this whole ‘getting married’ thing!

When we met up with them for their shoot they were in the process of becoming legal foster parents to Cade, which is the first step to take before adoption. And when I say it’s a process, it’s really a long, arduous process that isn’t for the weak.

Fast forward a few months and it’s the wedding day! Malcolm and I got hopelessly lost trying to find Jodie in a bushveld maze on the Otto’s Bluff road. After finally finding everyone our day just went from great to amazing! I had a relaxed morning with the ladies and kids while Malcolm went clay pigeon shooting with the men! Fun was had by ALL!

The most memorable part of this day was when the procession walked down the aisle. Cade hadn’t seen Caelim for a few days, and if you know this family you’ll see that this little boy is completely besotted with his dad! Cade was first to walk down the aisle…The farm-type doors opened and Cade saw his dad standing in front of the alter, he shrieked with excitement, let go of Katie’s hand and ran down the aisle into his father’s arms!! There was not a dry eye among the crowd! My heart, what a beautiful moment. From then onward the day unfolded into an imperfect perfection. This wedding will always be one very special to us, thank you for sharing it with us.

The Torlage’s photos arrived on Tuesday (2 days ago), and guess what? They were made legal foster parents to Cade on that day too! Such a momentous day 🙂

Stay blessed special Torlage’s, so much love to all of you xxx

Venue: Torwoodlea Lodge
Caterer: Dixons Catering
Flowers and Decor: Carmen Floral Studios
Wedding dress: Bride&Co
Hair and Make Up: Volenti Laurentina