Sukhlal Wedding
26 October 2019

Ash and Bernita celebrated their traditional wedding at Luxmi Narayan Temple in Durban, and wow was it a beautifully colourful day! For us the best part of the day was definitely Ash’s ‘first look’, you’ll see it in this gallery. What made this moment so special is the fact that Bernita chose to embrace Ash’s religion and have a traditional Hindu ceremony despite the fact that she’s Christian. Ash’s reaction to seeing her in her traditional bridal dress is priceless. As families they decided to have a Hindu wedding this weekend and then a secular celebration next weekend. Seeing two religions accept and love each other as we saw it was absolutely beautiful!

We carted our couple around and about Durban for these photos, in pretty hot midday sun, and you know what? They smashed it! Flames, flames and more flames!


Venue: Luxmi Narayan Temple
Hair and MUA: Makeup by Prelisha
Garland: Prelisha
Catering and Decor: The Eastern Touch