Pillay Wedding
Breeze-Inn, Pietermaritzburg | December 2018

Nikki & Luwey got married on 2 December 2018 in Pietermaritzburg. The day was preceded by their respective Nelengu ceremonies, where each family meets at a separate gathering to bless the bride and groom and send them off to be married.

This traditional Tamil Hindu wedding was a nice break from the usual Western wedding that we have become so accustomed to, mainly because the day was unpredictable and we approached the wedding with fresh creative minds. After Nikki & Luwey were ready, we met at 12h00 for the creative shoot – These two were such troopers and game for anything to get the best shot, despite the fact that it felt like we were standing on the surface of the sun! I saw a meme later on that day which said: “God, whatever you’re baking in Pietermaritzburg, it’s done.” Couldn’t be more accurate to describe it!

We got back in the nick of time for the ceremony itself before the heavens opened and an almighty thunderstorm passed over us. This was an incredible experience. The rain pelted down on the venue roof so hard that at one stage we couldn’t hear a thing! Shortly after the storm passed, a rainbow appeared and Nicole & Luwey were pronounced husband and wife.

May you be blessed in your marriage and thank you for sharing this weekend this us!