14 April 2019

Flip, who knew that so much fun could be had at 6 in the morning! We organised to have a sunrise shoot in Ballito with this awesome little family, and in between a few yawns these little boys were so game for everything! Mel and Rod did pretty well too(these two hotties really stole the show for a few moments while the boys had their photos taken with Malcolm!).

I soon noticed a really cute quirk about this family- their nicknames! Any name that can get an ‘ie’ or a ‘y’ on it, that will automatically be added onto your name, and there you go! But low and behold, their littlest tribe member is named Casey…any guesses on this nickname? Bum-Bum!! How cute!? The funniest thing is that everyone gets introduced to people by their nicknames, so Bum-Bum to them was Bum-Bum to us too! Ah and I loved it!

After all the formal photos were done they all went running into the sea! This made for flippen fabulous photos! I loved the spontaneity of this shoot and how easy going everyone was. It was SUPER worth getting up so early for this shoot! Thank you for letting us capture these special moments.