31 March 2019

After shooting Kim and Stacy’s wedding in November last year, we met up again for a sunrise shoot on the beach before they left for Australia. Our couple got married in Umdloti last year, hoping for a warm sunny day with lots of beach pictures. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball and we were rained out! We took them into the sugar cane where we were slightly more sheltered, which gave us a super cool, moody result!

Before Kim and Stacy left for Aus, they asked for another shoot on the beach, the same beach they were hoping to get wedding pictures at. This time we opted for a sunrise, I mean it doesn’t get any better than a sunrise on the beach! It was a sad goodbye to a beach very close to Kim’s heart as they headed off to Aus 2 weeks after the shoot, but I’m so glad that we got these pictures as a memorabilia for Kim <3

I hope your new home is treating you well guys, lots of love!