Kegan + Tegan

It’s the Egans! Mal and I kept getting tongue-tied talking about this couple, so we gave them one of those celeb couple names! Seeing these two again was pretty nostalgic. Mal knew Tegan through mutual friends and had last seen her years ago! Kegan and I were at Grace College together, also hadn’t seen each other since school.

Choosing a wedding photographer is quite a taxing task, those married or planning their wedding will know! You want to choose someone well-known, who has an editing style you like, takes shots you like, communicates well and all those good things. It’s so cool finding a photographer who ticks all these boxes, then you realise you actually know these people! That’s the beauty of Hilton/Maritzburg, everybody knows each other!

We are so looking forward to shooting the Tasker wedding at Tala Game Reserve later this year!