Heidi + Ulrich

30 March 2019

One week before the soon to be Bosse’s tied the knot we did their engagement shoot! Having known Heidi since junior school and through high school too, it was awesome to be apart of her wedding! Malcolm coincidentally also knew Heidi through work, as they’re both attorneys in Maritzburg, so we all knew each other, it was just Ulrich who was new to us! Anyone else seeing Chris Hemsworth in some pics of Ulrich, just me? Ok! Anways, these two were a joy to photograph! They were so chatty and fun to be around. After our shoot we had a little picnic with some dry hot cross buns, badly-home-made muffins and instant coffee, we really laid out a spread for our couple… We chatted about their upcoming wedding and just took in our peaceful surroundings in the forest. Sorry about our lack of catering skills, but we still had an awesome time with you guys! LOL!