Damien + Lauren

20 June 2019

I met up with Lauren and Damien right in the middle of winter! Seeing as Pietermaritzburg didn’t exactly have a winter this year, we had a warm afternoon with a rich and colourful sunset! These two came from Durban for their shoot to one of the most used destinations for photos…the Botanical Gardens, gasp! Yes I know what you’re all thinking (and you’re judging my choice!), it’s such a common place to shoot at and so unlike our usual spots. You are right there! I wanted a mystical and fairy garden kind of look, and there are so, so many little spots in the Bot gardens that I could get this kind of effect. Almost exactly a month later these two tied the knot at St. Ives in the midlands, and what  a beautiful wedding that was! If you haven’t seen it already, go have a look for the Sookoo Wedding!