Courtney + Pier

Courtney and Pier arrived to meet us for coffee at Artisan Pizza in Hilton(yes, it was super difficult to not order a pizza!), telling us how nervous they were for their photo shoot! So many of our couples tell us how nervous they are before their shoot. It’s pretty important to let us know this, because then we pull out all the tricks to make you feel comfortable! It’s completely normal to feel nervous, it takes about 10-15 minutes to warm up and you’ll end up either tolerating it a little more or having an absolute ball! These two did just that! We took our couple in between forests and felling trees, chatting and snapping some pics every now and again.

Courtney looked absolutely gorgeous in this shoot, we can’t wait to see her in a wedding gown!! And Pier looked pretty epic too when he took it upon himself to protect Courtney from the herd of cattle come down the hill to photobomb our shoot, what a man! These two say their nuptials in August this year! What a divine time of the year and we’re really looking forward to it!!