Bernita + Ash

19 May 2019

First thing’s first, these two did a mini hike for this shoot! We shot at Giba Gorge, which has a pretty popular lookout point, so we took our couple to a spot with fewer onlookers. This spot was right on the edge of the cliff, thankfully nobody was scared of heights(other than Mal, lol!). Bernita and Ash are such a photogenic couple and naturally affectionate, so we didn’t really need to say much! We just snapped away!

These two get married at the end of October and in the first week of November, two weddings! The first wedding is a traditional Hindu wedding in a temple in Durban, amped!! I just love the vibrancy at Hindu weddings. Then a week later they’re having their party at Wingrove Valley(FAV!). We’re so excited to capture all these special moments!