Bennett Wedding
22 June 2019

I met up with Jim and Kendal a week or so before their wedding. Just by looking at Kendal’s IG feed, I knew we’d have tons in common! We chatted about the wedding but then we got onto interior design, art and colour palettes. We could’ve kept chatting for hours! Poor Jim had to listen to quite a lot of creative dribble!

The Bennett wedding was a combination of winter wonderland meets alternative hipster couple. This wedding was filled with happy tears, united families and altogether a Pinterest enthusiasts dream! I mean, can we take a moment to admire the emerald green bridesmaid dresses and the lantern style bouquets?! The winter sunset at Cranford definitely did not disappoint!

Kendal and Jim chose the barn at Cranford for their reception, such a lovely alternative for a winter wedding! It was toasty warm in there and the stone walls just complimented all the decor Kendal had so cleverly arranged. Kendal’s lace dress paired with tan leather lace-ups were such a great combo, Stevie Nicks vibes! Jim and his guys looked so dapper in their grey suits and stylised floral ties/bow ties.

I really could keep going on about this wedding, but I think I should let the photos speak for themselves.

Venue: Cranford Country Lodge
DJ: Craig Haughey
Officiator: Duane Smith
Wedding Cake: Cake Matters
Stationary: Kendal Bennett
Hair and Makeup: Gina Rodriguez