Baby McKinley

19 November 2019

Now this is something a bit different! I don’t profess to be a newborn photographer by any means, I don’t have the cute props, the slouchy beanies, the lace outfits and I certainly don’t know how to do those fancy swaddle poses. As a documentary photographer, I capture real moments, so that basically describes a wedding, with the creative shoot being the one hour we get all posey. Melissa asked me to photograph their son, Declan, soon after she had him. Melissa was 7 months pregnant with this little one in their wedding photos(click on the wedding tab and have a look!), and about 20 weeks during their engagement shoot. So I had been there through so many milestones in Kyle and Melissa’s life, and I was beyond honored when they asked me to photograph their son. I view newborn shoots more of a slow, family session. Being at home with the family and slowly taking a few shots, with no pressure at all is how I like to go about these sessions. If your baby is niggly, needs a nappy change, a feed or even just a break from all of this, I take a step back and give you that space. I loved this shoot, I left with such a full heart.