We are the Harris’s! Laura, Mal, Maddi and Connor

Hey there and welcome to our little corner in the world! Our team is comprised of a geeky married couple, a lazy sausage dog and a cute mini Malcolm who hangs out in the office while we edit!

Photography has been a part of our lives pretty much since we started dating years ago. We started out as amateur photographers on film cameras (yes film!). As the years went by, Photography became more than just a hobby and we couldn’t help ourselves from leaning more towards portraiture photography. The idea of capturing a moment and a cherished memory became everything to us.

People often start social media accounts for their pets, and we thought it would be a fun/silly idea to do this too! In December 2016, we started out a parody Instagram account called Maddison Photography.
One thing led to the next, and soon, we were shooting couple sessions and product shoots for friends. People liked what they saw, and then a few months later something crazy happened: Warren and Lisa Trask placed all their trust in us and asked us to shoot their wedding. Ever since then, we have developed a very special place in our hearts for weddings and we count ourselves lucky every time we document a couple’s love story.


Administrator and Photographer

“I call myself the ‘boss lady’, although Malcolm and I run this business together. As well as being a photographer, I’m also a trained professional artist. I love painting and printmaking!

After graduating and maturing a bit more I realised that being a traditional artist wasn’t going to fulfil me in the same way that photography would. Being an artist can be quite a solitary career, but photography enables you to use artistic and people skills at the same time!

Wedding photography, in a nutshell, is basically two people placing all of their trust in a stranger to capture their love story. This is where I come in. What makes this job so fulfilling is getting to know our couples and sharing the start of their incredible adventure together!

Photography is more than becoming a camera nerd and learning how to click away behind the lens – it is about connecting with the humans in front of you and getting the “in-between” moments when nobody is watching.”

• BA Fine Art (UKZN), experience in photography and digital art
• PGCE (UKZN), Post-graduate certificate in education GET and FET phase


  1. My middle name is Jean.
  2. I’m a shoeless hippy at heart!
  3. Dad jokes are the worst (I pretend to laugh at them sometimes).
  4. Love gardens but hate gardening.
  5. I get misty behind the lens at every “dad’s first look”.


Hubby and Photographer

“I have always had a creative streak and as a teenager I obsessed over the underground music scene. Nothing else mattered to me except my guitar, writing music, playing in bands and going to music festivals. This fizzled out when I started studying my law degree and spent most nights up studying until 3am.

Marrying Laura was the best thing I ever did. She gave me a film camera one year as a gift and it reminded me to keep the left hand side of my brain active! To me, photography is more than just a creative outlet, it is the art of sharing experiences with others on a deeper level.




  1. I constantly crack dad jokes to annoy Laura.
  2. Used to be the vocalist in a hardcore band.
  3. Coffee fanatic.
  4. My day job is to basically write sarcastic letters to people for a living.
  5. I collect Stephen King books as a hobby but have, admittedly, only read one of them.


Future photographer

“Born into this crazy world on the 8th of July 2021, the same day Jacob Zuma was imprisoned, it was quite a day apparently! Came home when South Africa was giving away free stuff and shopping centers became combustible. 

My parents spend a lot of time pointing a camera at me, which encourages me to one day pick one up myself, or become a professional model, whichever comes first. Maddi is my best friend, we spend the mornings lying under the activity gym and the evenings lying on mum’s lap, life is good.’  



  1. My name means ‘lover of hounds’
  2. Classical music is my jam
  3. Only smile when there isn’t a camera pointed at me
  4. Dad is my favourite
  5. Food is also my favourite


Maddison the Dachshund


“In December 2018, I sold my shares and resigned as a director of Laura Jean Photography (formerly Maddison Photography) to pursue other business interests.

I am currently the director of Where’s the Kitty Cat (Pty) Ltd, a security company specialising in domestic residential security, as well as Do You Wanna Go In the Car NPO, a non-profit organisation aimed at fulfilling the dreams of underprivileged dogs.

I remain involved with Laura Jean Photography as an executive consultant.”

•  Rachel’s Puppy School, 2017. (Attendance certificate).
• Knows how to sit.


  1. I have to eat Hill’s Science Perfect Weight.
  2. I chase sun patches around the house to get my Vitamin D.
  3. Fabulously chubby.
  4. My hobbies include culling off the entire gecko/lizard population at 29 Neden Road.
  5. My parents seem to think that I don’t get social cues when visitors come for coffee but I beg to differ.